Burgundy 2002

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In february/march of 2002 two fellow students and myself went to the ancient celic town of Bibracte in Burgundy for a four week surveying campaign.
Hans Gerner and Doc Schubert in the Lab. (© Ingrid G.)
Bavarians in the ruins of the roman amphitheatre in Autun.
Ruppert commenting on french Weißwürste.
Ancient remains of a gallo-roman temple in Autun.
Ruppert cleaning his boots, to the right the french definition of an all terrain vehicle: with their four-wheel drives and being extremely light, those things would get you anywhere.
The horse in Glux-en-Glenne probably got its <i>Gnadenbrot</i>.
A lot of times the weather was actually pretty nice, but those times were used for surveying or sightseeing - not photographing.
Chilling on <i>La Chaume de Beuvray</i>. Can you see the Mont Blanc? We couldn't either. But it is supposed to be there...
The backbone of our surveying campaign OR advert picture for an instrument builder?
When the instruments ceased to function properly, work stopped. At an altitude of 800m above sea level we were often right in the clouds.
Then there was time to admire the beautiful trees ...
... mostly beeches in all shapes ...
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