Burgundy 2002

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In february/march of 2002 two fellow students and myself went to the ancient celic town of Bibracte in Burgundy for a four week surveying campaign.
On our first day in france fresh snow fell and we left our Sprinter-Van behind and went up the Mont Beuvray, on which the ancient gallic town of Bibracte is located, on foot.
Reconstruction of some of the fortifications.
Doc Schubert and Ruppert discussing matters of archaeological and/or geodetic importance.
The french like to bring their pupils up on the hill to learn about their history. Maybe they should have walked...
Getting ready for some GPS surveying with the Gerner family.
GPS is working under any weather condition, day and night. Boy, did I have long hair back then.
The french catering was very good.
The germans often being the last ones to get up.
The <i>Centre archéologique européen du Mont Beuvray</i> in Glux-en-Glenne. A modern building with offices, labratories (one for us!), workshops, a scientific library and an archaeological storage area build in the hill. Local granite is used in the facade of the building.
Our IT-Infrastructure in our lab-room: postprocessing the daily data on our three laptops and the plotter.
My fellow students probably playing some <i>fifa soccer</i>. The gray plastic cases in the back are used by the archeologists to store, order and catalog their findings.
Contact with home. The entire institut was connected via an 56k modem to rest of the world. It really was hillbilly country, deepest Bourgogne.
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