Burgundy 2002

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In february/march of 2002 two fellow students and myself went to the ancient celic town of Bibracte in Burgundy for a four week surveying campaign.
... poetic moods in the morning ...
... the dignified death of a tree. (© Ingrid G.)
There are wild dogs in the forrests of burgundy. They howl disturbingly. Just like damned hellhounds would. Quite scary actually, I was never so happy to have a <i>Fluchtstab</i> with me.
Quotations regarding Bibracte from <i>De bello gallico</i> which Julius Caesar wrote in parts in Bibracte during his winter stay 52 B.C..
<i>Volksfest</i> with <i>Steckerlfisch</i> on Mount Beuvray? No, the archeologists protect their open dig sites from frost with big tents. And the french forest rangers burn wood generously on site.
Modern reconstruction of the wellspring sanctuary. (© Ingrid G.)
They are finding so much shards of ancient amphoran, that they have to stack them up on big piles. Ready for foreigners to loot the french cultural heritage!
We frequented the country inn in the next village quite some times (© Ingrid G.).
A four man group of archaologists from Leipzig joined us, just feasting over the cheese plate (© Ingrid G.).
The portal of the cathedral of Vezelay. Among others we had the chance to visit Autun, Dijon, Beaune and some other places which names I can not recollect.
The gang posing for a picture on the <i>Pierre de la Wivre</i>.
Welcome back committee in Munich.
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