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alpine fauna balance, october 2012

some animals encountered during hiking in the alps

Traditional, wild alpine animals I encountered while hiking

In order of appearance, items marked with an * means, I did not get a picture

I have to admit, I don't really care about insects, small singing birds, or fish. Well, I like some fresh fish on my plate, but that is another story alltogether.

There are different kind of domesticated animals to be found in the alps as well, one might even call those choughs semi-domesticed.

I would love to see an outgrown male alpine ibex or a vulture some time.

what would you do?, june 2012

pile of thrown away break
I took myself two Nussschnecken, they tasted like from the day before yesterday and layed uneasy in the stomach.
riding the paternoster
I stayed on the paternoster.
street scene munich
Euro bonds are not yet available .

numbers in action, march 2012

I. Analyzing once own data

graph of my mountain hiking
I started to play a little bit with visually analyzing my mountaineering. A legend missing and the graph is not finished yet.

II. Stephen Wolfram did it better

III. Wiley - Numbers in Action

Wiley - Numbers in Action from Us on Vimeo.

Lack of updates lately

I don't feel like doing my monthly updates. Not even adding a picture of the month, which would not be a big thing at all.

Well I updated my webcam-collection.

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