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another summer passed ... successfully, october 2011

German - Czech border
German - Czech border
Glacier in Norway
Grilling in the wild
Outdoor grilling
Sunrise above the Kleiner Solstein
Sunrise over the Karwendel

Shooting RAW

I started shooting in raw. The possibilities in post-processing are worth it, but the amount of data generated and need for post processing annoys me. I am actually pretty happy with the jpgs sooc. I think I will start shoot raw+jpg. In a first step I thus have jpg for rapid sharing right away. In a second step i will only keep those raws worth post processing. Then, should I ever feel the need to get the most out of a picture, I can. Difficult, difficult.

sandcrawler in the oberpfalz, july 2011

TrashContainer compared to Sandcrawler
Glass container with similarities to a Java sandcrawler

trying to play with the big kids ..., may 2011

... and failing miserable

I tried to have some photos accepted to 1x.com, probably the world's greatest photo website. One can not just post any shit, they have a tight selection process. It might seem hard to some people, but it ensures only the greatest pictures for all visitors. For me, two-thirds of the pictures on the site are keepers.

Allianz Arena

So I tried my luck, and had to look hard for some pictures in my archive which I felt could somehow live up to the high standards of the site. To be honest, I could not find any, but tried my luck anyways. Well there is some justice in this world, and I did not get accepted.

What a hybris to think my medicore pictures could stand right next to pictures of people putting much more dedication and time into their passion. But still - go check 1x.com out, it is a great site. You can get valuable reviews of your pictures.

webcam compilation update

I revised my alpine webcam collection. Go check it out and set a bookmark.

Hitler is dead

I found another denazified eagle. Got any else? Tell me!

airport and basketball, march 2011

some photos shot on the former Tempelhof-Airport in Berlin (November 2011)

I have I big soft sport for "unused"/under-utilized areas in otherwise densely occupied areas. I like this refreshing feel of lavishness. Supposedly the area is more or less going to stay free from construction. Respect.


doing some basketball-mixtapes

We brought our basketball games to a new level with the mixtapes I did. Yes, real mixtapes with cassettes, because all we could find to play our music was a left over cassette-player (on a side note: I still have a small cassette-collection in my car as well for the cassette-deck there). So I searched the web for some decent music recommendations which proved more difficult than I thought. I found some some things here and there and decided to post my playlists here for other people to check out.

new year, new webspace, february 2011

I finally had to buy me some real webspace and a domain. It is dirt-cheap, but seems to be the right package for me. I got too old for this shit with free hosters and their problems and am now trying my luck with web-service4u.de. Oh well, we will see, on paper their services look quite ok.

First month in years without picture of the month.

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