visual denazification

There seem to be some public buildings with an eagle on their fascade which apparently used to carry a swastika in its claws. The birds have been denazified, but it still just looks so wrong.

To be honest, I did not do any research whether those eagles actually carried a swastika below them. If I am wrong, please correct me. But would be quite brave taking bets that those hakenkreuze have simply been stemmed out of the stone.

In Berlin is supposed to be a real "Nazi Church". With sick stuff like soldiers in wall-etchings and stuff. Need to get some pictures during my next berlin stay.

Robert Piloty Building, TU Darmstadt

Fascade Robert Piloty Building Darmstadt University

I found this by searching the web on Wikipedia.

Bayerische Finanzfachhochschule in Hersching, Ammersee

Fascade Finanzfachhochschule Hersching

This is too bad. Mr. Spielberg, Mr. Ford, in the name of the Freistaat Bayern, I invite you for your next episode of the Indiana Jones Saga. Some decent light, some appropriate flags, some dark limos from the 30s and the stage is ready for the stereotypical nazi bad-ass.

Picture is courtesy of Daniela

Oberfinanzdirektion in Munich

Fascade Oberfinanzdirektion München

Right in the center of Munich on my former daily way to college is the Oberfinanzdirektion. Remove the parked cars and some of the road-signs, fit out the flag poles on the roof, probably add some torches — Nazi-delight!

If you happen to know of some other building, carrying decoration like shown here on its fascade, I would be happy to see a picture of it.

Wenn jemand zufällig von anderen Gebäuden weiss, die entnazifizierte Adler an ihrer Fassade tragen, wäre ich sehr froh, wenn ich entsprechende Hinweise bekommen könnte.

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