My favourite webcams

A selection of webcams from the (mostly) bavarian Alps, sorted from west to east, in order to get a quick overview of the conditions (weather, [text]/ avalanche-risk/ sled-riding hills) for the next hike.

Lindau Island

Around Oberstdorf, Iller-Valley

Grünten, Königsschlösser (king's castles) and Hohenpeissenberg

Around the Zugspitz / Wetterstein

Higly recommended on your big screen in all its glory:

Zugspitz Panorama 2962
Osterfelder Panorama 2050
Wank Panorama 1780

Karwendel, Mieminger Kette, Inn-Valley

Panorama Härmelekopf 2045m

Walchensee and Kochelsee

Isar Valley


Tegernsee to the west and the lake from south, Schliersbergalm to the south



Königssee, Hirschkaser, Kneifelspitze

other cams in the central alps, 3k and beyond

other cams in the central alps, 2k and beyond



The quality of the pictures varies vastly. Not only does does it seem that some of the cameras support or are adjusted to a wider contrast range, but the angle to the sun is also quite important. Of course dramatic and interesting viewpoints with electricity, shelter and some kind of data connection are not so easily found. I am looking for cams with a lot of dramatic nature and not much anthropogenic structures.

Obviously the light is usually best at dawn or at sunset.

Recommended screen width is 1600 pixels and more, in order to get three pictures in a lane.

I think it is nice to see the different weather conditions from west to east. The value in the brackets is a rough estimate of altitude above sea-level of the cams.

Some webcams only update their pictures during daytime and freeze the picture sometime in the evening. Pussies. Some of the cam pictures freeze at random - do not ask me why. The one in Tegernsee to the western shore is great: on clear nights, it even adopts to the light of the stars. Amazing.

Gunter wanted to do this before, but I choose to do it myself, so would not have to nag him concerning the selection of the cams.

There is no automatic reload on this page. If you do not want your webcam to show up on this page, tell me so. Yes, I am exploiting the content of other sites here, the only original effort by myself is the compilation of the cams.

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