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principles, september 2013

day in sunshine, day in clouds

My first principle of mountaineering: "Only hike in the mountains in perfect weather conditions". Well, I disregarded that dogma and we had to break of our hiking tour. Still was fun, but also felt like a fail.

homecrafting, july 2013

process of buchskranzl creation
Evolution of my buchskranzl-binding-skills

I tried some Buchskranzl binding. There is clearly some improvements to be seen. After some post binding-trimming they look even better. #4 and #5 looked nice as well. I don't like them too baroque (yet?). #1 I put up in the office, #2 went to the handlebar of my bike, #3 to #5 I gave away.

getting those calories, april 2013


the truth about the internet as depicted by stephan pastis in his pearls before swine comic
Perlen vor die Säue © Stephan Pastis

I installed the firefox plugin leechblock by James N. Anderson. It allows to restrict web access to defined sites by pretty powerful patterns. It decreased the time I spent on certain pages I actually do not miss, but just visit too often.

basketball mixtapes

cassette player and basketball

I compiled another music-cassette for our basketball sessions.

further updates

An update after more than six month and I don't give a shit. Well, it kind of worried me, so I am actually glad to updated some things here. I had to rework my alpine webcams compilation because the Bayerische Rundfunk changed some code.

I also composed the quite extensive ultimate casual gamer's World of Tanks guide.

eating right

I entered my size, weight and physical activity in some online calculater in order to determine my daily calorie turnover to be close to 3000 calories a day. It is actually very hard to eat such an amount of calories with just healty food, trying not to avoid excess amounts of fat and suger. Luckily I enjoy a big glass of full fat chocolate milk or a bag of chips from time to time.

As it is currently quite trendy to photograph your food and post the pictures it on the interwebs (linked with a "Resonanzbedürfnis"/need for feedback) and as there is a camera lying next to my PC-Computer here are some pictures of my late night snacks:

late night snack 1

late night snack 2

late night snack 3

late night snack 4

late night snack 5

late night snack 6

late night snack 7

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