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back to business, october 2004

I set up a ADSL line for my family. See what madness the Deutsche Telekom has planned for their customers. Four plasic boxes for a little bit of ISDN and ADSL connectivity. What about making a single box and putting one more IC into it?
This is 2004, I thought hardware is cheap - content, access and ink is what we pay for and companies make their money with.

Something different in the same context: I witnessed a buddy of mine using frontpage to build a website for his uncle's company. Oh, again: what madness! :-)

I missed another monthly update - bad me! Not that I had anything relevant to say.

I just ordered my hardware for this year - for a meager 320 Credits. A new harddisc, a little bit more RAM, a cheap'o Canon LiDE 35 scanner (I'm tense to see its performance) and a new CD-Burner (I am not going for a DVD burner yet). Right now the bottleneck of my gaming-box is the GPU (GF2), so I probably should have "invested" some money in that area. Something in the line of a NV 5900 or an ATI 9800. Reason told me, I don't want to afford something like that. Besides, the bottleneck would move to my Athlon1700.

I also ordered a 256MB MMCard for the mp3-player of my new mobile-communication-device: a Nokia 6230. My old celluar-phone was a free give-away with a set of new tires on a pre-paid base. Finding a phone, that suits ones needs is pretty tough. I was basically looking for a device which alows me to make and receive phone calls, send SMS, is able to receive FM-Radio and has a mp3-player (and some minor standard stuff like an alarm, a calculator and a clock). I got all that - and some other stuff, I have no need for. But I am more or less satisfied with it. The calculator sucks, the interface of the mp3-player is weak. Being able to use mp3s for ringtones is great. The "Imperial March" from John Williams for one group, "The god, the bad and the ugly" or "The Man with the Harmonica" from Enio Morricone for another group and "Twisted Nerve"-whistling from Kill Bill as the standard ringtone still gives me the creeps. Sometimes, I wished it would be more customizable - but I guess, I have to wait for an open source based device.
I shall be back mobile-device-shopping in five years, when there are nice, cheap and usable gimmicks including a serious camera (3m pixel), a GPS receiver, a PDA, a radio, remote control, a two-way radio - no push-to-talk (a multimeter?, an electro-shocker?, a mini-hard-drive?, a beacon?) and the ability to phone.

this space is intentionally left blank, august 2004

I finally put together on how I was able to save the data from a broken hard-disk. 1½ years after the events.

I got myself an introduction to the operation of a sewing machine. I am quite fond of different cultural techniques. Maybe I will sometimes be able to deepen the experience beyond stitching some patches to a pair of jeans.

life goes on, july 2004

So I missed my first monthly update, ts, ts, ts. Oh well, it's summer.

Put some photos online for a change. Not that I really have web-space to burn for extensive photo-series.

I just entered a new employer-employee relationship. German politicians are talking about flexibility in the work-place, I am already there. Ts, ts, ts. But I shall see.

Some impressions from my way to work in the morning: sunrise 1, sunrise 2.

IT-wise I tried to activate some old P100/32MB RAM from the junkyard in order to play with some configuration files in /etc. I'm sick of messing the configuration of my production system up. Yes I know: I could just backup my config files before hacking away. But to make it short - I could not get the box up and running into a satisfactory state and abandoned the project for a while. As a compensation, I started a dual monitor solution with a 19" and a 17" CRT without actually having the space on my desk. Summary: it is okay, 50% of the cases it is unnecessary, 30% of the cases virtual desktops can do the job and only 20% of the cases it is really (?) a good thing. I implemented it on my win2k box. I was lazy and not in the mood for messing with X and linux :-(. Here is a screen-shot at 50%.

Car-wise I got myself an own machine. Oh how I hate and despise the cars. Totally ineffective metal monsters conveying mostly single persons through the landscape. Unfortunately it was essential. But don't understand me wrong: of course I like driving cars, listening to music, cruising through the countryside, enjoying the freedom and mobility - I just do not think it is very ethical, the way we are doing it now. It is a Volkswagen Golf IV from 1998 - I hope it will serve me for some years. I like the colour: pastel green.

put some more stuff online, may 2004

Some more stuff from my hard-disc online. I spent more time on the DHTML slides. Enjoy.

The following line got finally added to my hosts file: >>  slashdot.org << And no, I am not running a local /. mirror.

"Reaper Man" is my first Terry Prachett Book: Amazing stuff. I don't really know, how to express my feelings about it. Well, I liked it. There are no real characters to identify with, or to despise. Just people going about their business'. Kind of like Sponge Bob. It's an easy read, so I can at least recommend everybody to read a single book from Prachetts Discworld universe in order to get a general sense about what it is like. Other than that, I didn't get hooked.
I got it in German, so I could pass it on to my brother.

I am trying to use to mouse gestures. I am using them in firefox, but in these days one can basically control any windowing system (Windows, X, Mac) with mouse gestures. Opera of course, had mouse gestures ever since. But did I mention, that software patents are a bad idea?
Unfortunately I am very much used to keyboard shortcuts, and have to force myself to use mouse gestures.

Did my first audio editing with Audacity. Very, very interesting. Quite different from image editing. Duh. Three hours work for nine minutes audio. But I guess that is not the way to measure actual performance, but still.

homepage put online, April 2004

As I am no longer responsible for the homepage of our fachschaft (student union), but still feel the urge to put my insane ramblings on the net from time to time, I went back and reactivated a personal homepage.
For the time being, this free web-space has got to do. Of course, it does not allow me to put all my perl/php visions into action. But there is other stuff to do.

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