sunsets from the attic

A small photo series with pictures of the sunset taken from my room in 2004.

So I have put together my own photo-series and published it. No analog album, just some cheesy web-page, but still nice.

The pictures have been taken in irregular intervals - I just could not stand at guard every evening at sundown. Some other letdown: the first eleven pictures could not be dated exactly as the date in my camera was not set - how amateurish.
The camera was my digital IXUS. The images were not post-processed. The images are generally a little bit underexposed, in order to get the fine nuances near the sun.
I reduced the size and added some more jpeg compression though. EXIF-information is available. There is a total of 43 pictures from January to the 20th of July 2004 (29 different evenings).

It is nice to see how the sun goes down more to the north-west each day. Of course I understand the physical phenomenon, but having it documented is something entirely different. In the foreground is the roof of our neighbor, an old unused transformation-tower, my neighbor's cherry-tree and the St. Peter church on the right.

The 12th of may was pretty unbelievable. Maybe there is a god.

jan - feb 2004

jan - feb 2004

jan - feb 2004

jan - feb 2004

march 2004

march 2004

march 2004

march - april 2004

march - april 2004

8th april 2004
19:20 - 19:42h

11th april 2004

14th april 2004
19:42 - 19:44h

20th april 2004

26th april 2004

28th april 2004

1th may 2004

1th may 2004
20:04 - 20:45h

12th may 2004
19:59 - 20:24h

16th may 2004

19th may 2004

23th may 2004

31th may 2004

13th june 2004

20th june 2004

27th june 2004

30th june 2004

18th july 2004

20th july 2004

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