Zugspitz 2008

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In August 2008 we finally made it to the Zugspitz. Summarized: I had to get up at 3 o'clock, the weather was perfect, we took the route up from Ehrwald and we used the gondola back down: Erfolg auf ganzer Linie!
In the morning through Ehrwald, one of the cows even bend my side mirror over.
On the Ehrwalder Alm are different types of cattle. There are even some scottish highland cattle among them.
From face to face.
The clouds were slowly moving back into the Leutasch Valley.
On the way to the gatterl [notice the time in the next picture - the time in gunter's and my camera was not in sync].
Tassilo and Gunter reentering Germany at the Gatterl.
In front of the Reintal. The Schachen in the back.
Same setting, one year before, during an exploration tour to the Knorrhütte.
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