Zugspitz 2008

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In August 2008 we finally made it to the Zugspitz. Summarized: I had to get up at 3 o'clock, the weather was perfect, we took the route up from Ehrwald and we used the gondola back down: Erfolg auf ganzer Linie!
The peak of the Zugspitz from the Platt. Looks like the secret (yeah) base of some evil overlord in a 1970 James Bond movie.
The Platt with the skiing infrastructure. The place to go if you want to go to the moon and do not want to spend money nor leave Germany.
Florian and some other five dozend people on the Zugspitz, Gunter moving away in disgust.
The plattform from the peak.
The plattform.
Us three before the Zugspitz [photoshoped].
Yeah, the sign says it: I am a Bergsteiger [mountaineer].
We rewarded ourself with a diner at the Eibsee.
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