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fall impressions, oktober 2007

airial painting Airial painting in the morning sky the horror in the barn The horror in the barn fall tree Fall tree in the Isar valley

consumer experiences

Some feedback on two germn products this week

hiking summer, september 2007

florian on a webcam shot
The Bayerischer Rundfunk SO-Wendelstein-Webcam - I herby propose higher-resolution pictures! (And I really thought about wearing a bright yellow shirt in the morning while I got dressed...)

... like climbing mountains with sandals

florian's hiking equipment
My buddies see a much higher potential for my hiking capabilities, if I just choose the appropriate equipment.
  1. paar of blue jeans: too heavy and uncomfortable
  2. army boots from my military service time: too heavy and allegedly too uncomfortable
  3. old style rucksack: not ergonomic at all

I might consider to change something in the backpack situation.

Boardgame gaming session in Freising

Every second and fourth friday of each month a group of people a.k.a. the Freisinger Spiele Treff meet in Freising for some relaxed hours of gaming. We test the lastest shit on the market, as well as falling back to the classics. New players are always welcome - contact me, if you want to join me for a ride from the Landshut direction.

The von Krempelhubers going online!

Daniela and Alexander went online with a documentation of the noble line of the von Krempelhubers. Go check it out and give them some feedback in their guestbook.

you know the internet has become a commodity ..., july 2007

various quilts
Some patterns from my mom's quilts

... when your mom puts content on the internet. She displays some of her quilting work on Coco Dreher's site: cocosquilt.com.

checking out the center of power in regular intervals, june 2007

holocaust memorial
Berlin - Holocaust Memorial

Comments on Berlin (nothing brainy)

I have been to Berlin for nine days. It has been very interesting. There is a gallery to check out. Here are some observations:

All in all, I always enjoy going to Berlin - and going back after a while.

Greetings to Klemens back from my time at GE Smallworld who I met on top of the panorama spot at Potsdamer Platz

There is a google map of my stay in Berlin. I wanted to play a little and check the usability and scalability of the system (it is not scaling and usable for projects like this - but can be useful for quite some stuff).

XO for rich people in 1th world people

I tried a live-CD from the OLPC (one laptop per child). Very interesting. The basic GUI is very pleasant. The single apps are not so useful for an adult. Not being a teacher, I can not tell wether the project makes sense for children. But I like the specs of the hardware, and would very much like to have one of those thingies for myself. Some text-editing, some email, some chat, some web - throw in your favourite text base Linux apps like nethack and sc - what else do you need 90% of the time? Maybe a second edition device without the deficiencies of the first one would be nice to own?

worth1000.com for the poor, may 2007

heli evac from Mt. Wank
Gunter and Tassilo using the prepared helipad on the Mt. Wank for a quick pickup.

Venice-Trip Easter '07

I have been to Venice with Christoph and Martin. It has been great.

Venice tourist beginner Beginner tourist on Piazza San Marco going down to the pigeons. Venice tourist advanced Master tourist - a true beast master - letting the birds come up to him.

State of the mind

Forget about all this monthly blog or picture-of-the-month thing. I thought it might be good to have a periodic schedule, in order to get some self-made pressure to create new content. So for the time being, I shall switch to irregular updates, content and mood permitting.

New content: I added a hilarious cartoon by rattelschneck to the surveyors' fun section.

another year down, february 2007

sunbathing on the Brecherspitze
February was different to the one last year


2006 was good.

testdisk to the rescue!

There are all kinds of ways to loose ones data. After my episode with a dying harddisk, I became the weakest link in the chain of data safety myself. In a nightly state of mental derangement I deleted an extended partition, still containing another logical partition with some 21GB of not excistencial, but still "would be nice to have", data, and wrote the new partition table.

- sigh -

But, remembering having read about some tool to recover partitions, on the first page of search results I stumbled over testdisk. The sources did not compile, but the static linux binaries worked just fine. And there they were, all deleted partitions. Just mark the relvant partitions, testdisk will recovere them accordingly and everything will be fine. Thanks to Christophe GRENIER, the main developer of testdisk, making it possible to recover that data.

I would like to use this opportunity, to also thank all developers, maintainers, writer of documentary, testers and everybody else who provides me with great open source and freeware software, helping me getting work done and giving me a good time.

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