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I have no idea, by what means you have reached this site but be warned:


Donīt waste your life with miserable sites like this one.  And while you are at it (improving your life, I mean), get away from that computer.  Get yourself some fine book, leave the shelter of the building you are curently in and check out what mother nature is doing or - well - you get the idea.  ... ARRGH, what came over you, florian?!?  How could time be better spend, but surfing the net?  Imagine all those poor bastards in the third world having to sit below a tree, outside in the fresh air, listening to stupid singing birds and wait for something to happen!  And while online, order yourself a bigscreen TV, giving your life some meaning again.  If you got some extra bucks left, add the latest video gaming console to that order :) .

COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS: in case you should find anything on this site, you consider to be your property, and do not want it to be here - please tell me, and I shall remove it ASAP

ENGLISH LANGUAGE VIOLATIONS: not being a native speaker of the english language, it could be possible to encounter grammatical or spelling errors.  Or I could have used a word in the wrong context.  Maybe itīs a typo, but usually itīs my ignorance.  Hey, just drop me a note!

Should you find anything which is just plain WRONG (data, information, dead links, etc), please tell me as well. Or let me die stupid!

Either go on with the madness or go to wherever you came from