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Well, my personal homepage. Duh.

Personal homepages are a way of communication in our digital, globalized age. A hundred years ago, you could just drop by somebody's home in the same village and introduce yourself. Nowadays I can not just drop by Mister X in City Y on the other side on the globe. But I can drop by his homepage, and see, what "projects" (family, hobbies, craftsmanship, art, political interests, writing, etc.) the person is running. That might just be a facade, but that was not different a hundred years ago. There is of course the privacy issue, but as long as everyone creates his own homepage, that should be a non-issue.


This site is not English. It is net English, the language of the internet, the language all those none native English speaking internet users.

I, however, appreciate any reports on factual, logical, syntactical, grammatical, spelling, content-related or whatever errors.


florere [lat.]: bloom, flourish, blossom

My name Florian is of latin origin. It stems from the verb florere: to bloom. I think this makes it a very promising and nice name.


All stuff is copyright by Florian Lang under the Creative Commons, or the GNU licence for code, respectivly.

Some copyrighted pictures in the vermesserklamauk section are reproduced for non-profit reasons. Credit goes to the respective authors.


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