about myself

Hey, my name is Florian Lang. I was born in the seventies in Freising, Bavaria.

I have an engineering-degree in surveying from the university of applied sciences in Munich.

I am spending a lot of time with my boxen doing all kind of stuff. I am listening to quite a lot of radio — my favorite radio stations are bayern2 and fm4 (live-stream available for both). When I am reading the newspaper, I usually save the feuilleton until finished with the rest as the highlight.
I like to do as much movement as possible by bicycle. I am delighted by fine layout and design, even though I don't have those abilities myself. I've got a fable for the macabre and the bizarre. My favorite weather is 14C, cloudy and dry. I also love snow, even though I am not into winter sports. Lately I don't feel inspired to read - which kind of worries me - I shall see. Unread books are piling up in my bookshelf. From time to time I attend lanparties.

From time to time I like to do a day trip hiking in the alps.

I got into computers relatively late. My first own box was a 8086, running at a range from 4.77 to 9.54 Mhz and had, according to Billy Boy, just enough RAM as is necessary for anything. It came with MS-DOS 4.01. My first Linux-Kernel was 2.0.41. Linux-wise I am with the Slackware fraction. Somehow I like the vi(m) more than (x)emacs.

my bravest statement ever:

A bicycle without proper lighting, mudguard and carrier ain't no usable bicycle.

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