Hamburg 2010

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A short trip to Hamburg in August 2010
from the outside
The Spiegel cantina from the sixties: protected by the Denkmalschutz.
Blankenese: I love those bulkheads on all buildings endangered by flooding.
Süllerberg in Blankenese: some call it dignified and it sure is. Somehow devoid of life as well.
Elevators in the old Elbtunnel. German engineering from the Gründerzeit.
Old Elbtunnel: luckily currently closed for car-traffic for restauration reasons.
Terrace of the youth-hostel: view of the Landungsbrücken and the most northern vineyard in Germany.
The St. Micheals church got a very nice feeling around it. Somehow like a living room. They want to install a third organ.
Yesterday: China, Afrika. Today: Afghanistan.
On top of the tower of the Michel
more cranes, we need more cranes
more flat-screen TVs, we need more flat-screen TVs
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